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 The CSPublic programs do not run on my system.

Be lucky! Okay, forget it. After the download you must unzip the packed files. You can find a suitable tool here: "". By the way, Windows XP can handle ZIP-files on its own.

Some of our programs require the file "vbrun300.dll". You can download it as packed file. For example:

In order to save time and money, you can simply copy the file "vbrun300.dll" only once into the directory of Windows. All programs can reach it then.

 How often do you offer updates?

There is no general answer. You should visit our website daily and watch the news box on the first page.

 CSPublic - what does it mean?

A description of our history can be found here: "About us". Not difficult, is it?

 I need drivers for my soundcard by Creative Labs...

Sorry, we are creative, but not Creative Labs. You should look there: "".

 What's the result of 1.024 * 325?

A: 330.800
B: 331.800
C: 332.800
D: 333.800

Answer C.

 Are you sure?

Yes, of course.

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