The origin of everything

The legend of the famous CSPublic started in the second half the 20th century, when in a little town in Germany the idea was born to delight the world with creative, progressive and perhaps even explicit software-gooddies. At first, the programs were tested and played only by a minority. In the following years, CSPublic - occasionally simply called CSoft - enlarged its supply continuously. The name was chosen because of no one else than Mister Bill Gates: His MS-DOS was able to handle just filenames up to eight letters. That's why the Creative Software Publications became CSPublic. Not bad, is it?

CSPublic goes Windows

Beside the evergreen "Drei gewinnt" (Winning 3), the complex "Vier gewinnt" (Winning 4) was recognized and appreciated very soon. While only fans of the simple MS-DOS could be satisfied at first, CSPublic fastly also openend a window into another world: MS-Windows. But as the DOS-community should not be put at a disadvantage, the proven DOS-programs remained in the supply. Tradition and innovation became the guiding lines of the CSPublic ideology.

Image brand

In the middle of the 1990s, the combine Aral led to much irritation. Its image brand at many stations and that of CSPublic were very, very similar... Have a look at this:

CSPublic took the chance, commissioned an anonymous artist and changed its image brand. The result is something that reminds us of a futuristic flower, some others say it looks like Apple's brand.

For us, it is the embodyment of great variety and dynamic power. So it reflects all the creativity of our software. But, of course, everybody is free to see want he wants. However, one day our chief tested a new graphic filter - a new image brand was born again! It expresses even more dynamic power, right?

Always expanding

In former times, our software was distributed only on floppy disks. But in order to reach more people, we made ourselves available via mailbox. When the internet became more and more popular, CSPublic took part in the web. Since then, even the mass recognized our advantages. And after some time, CSPublic got its own domain.

The amount of visits on our website increases from week to week. What a feeling!

What's comming next?

Everything is possible. It goes on! New features, new content, new fun. Enjoy us!

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