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Important note: Because of formal reasons, we have to inform you on the fact that the download of software on this page is at your on risk. CSPublic is not liable for any damages resulting from the installation or the use of the CSPublic software.
- Hangman -

Version: 4.0 (Win)

free software
Back to school? Prove that you can cope with German words! Otherwise the little man will suffer because of your failure! But take care: There are 1.800 words to guess. (152 KB) (224 KB)
- Chancellor's -

Version: 1.2 (Win)

free software
According to well-informed sources, this program is already installed on all computers in the german chancellor's department. Look for the face of Mister Schröder without being confused by the opposition. (476 KB) (224 KB)
- QuestionTour -

Version: 2.2 (Win)

free software
More than 200 questions have to be answered. Move your red car to its destination by proving your knowledge. When did anybody invent anything? How many hairs are on your head? The best players appear in a top ten list. (582 KB) (224 KB)
- Get the Balls -

Version: 1.0 (Win)

free software
Put und transform your balls, before your opponent does. All balls which you can include in the horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction are yours. The master of balls will be found out only in the end. (63 KB) (224 KB)
- TownStar -

Version: 1.0 (Win)

free software
Do you know Germany? The computer suggests some towns and it's your job to find them on the map. (17 KB) (224 KB)
Version: 2.0 (Win)

free software
Speed and strategy with a little yellow ball: Find your way in the most effective way through several tricky levels, without taking a dead end. (173 KB) (224 KB)
Vier gewinnt
- Winning 4 -

Version: 2.0 (Win)

free software
You know the classic game. This modern variation will become an important part of your daily life. With special options! (24 KB) (224 KB)
Version: 3.0 (Win)

free software
A successful variation on memory with additional options, for example opponents of different power and devils which occupy cards temporarily. Besides, you can install your own images. (434 KB) (224 KB)
- NumberStar -

Version: 1.0 (Win)

free software
Train your brains before it's too late and become master of the numbers. You have never played it like this. By the way: The file is really that small. With soundeffects! (8 KB) (224 KB)

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