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Important note: Because of formal reasons, we have to inform you on the fact that the download of software on this page is at your on risk. CSPublic is not liable for any damages resulting from the installation or the use of the CSPublic software.
Drei gewinnt
- Winning 3 -

Version: 1.99 (Dos)

free software
Every child knows this game. Who will be the one building the first chain of three stones: You or your computer? (56 KB)
Version: 2000a (Dos)

free software
You like the old times? Enjoy the colourful pixelworld of this nice DOS-game. (58 KB)
Mister Allknow
Version: 3.0 (Dos)

free software
Welcome to the world of Mister Allknow, who invites you for a small talk supported by artificial intelligence. An ususal experience with many ironic allusions at computers, programs and their users. (169 KB)
Version: 1.99 (Dos)

free software
Look at this variation on the famous PacMan. With your Snapper you collect cherries and sweets. Special drills make your Snapper's life easier. But there are also very aggressive Snappers... (119 KB)
Version: 1.0 (Dos)

free software
Perhaps the most demanding game in the whole CSPublic history. Move your ball skillfully through all 50 levels. Without strategie you are lost. There is also an editor for creating individual levels! (214 KB)
Vier gewinnt
- Winning 4 -

Version: 2000a (Dos)

free software
Even in the former world of DOS it is always worth trying to get four stones in one line. (56 KB)

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